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sneaky peeky

This will be the new header logo for thezapping website at (not yet functional)

this will be the side margin (with room for advertising) with the top logo replacing this trial one...

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11 in 2007 Update #3

The super heroes of pop are busy working on some exciting new tracks (with Electric Dolls) that I am very excited to hear...and of course, they'll be at the popshow on 20th Feb. Plus yay! I am one of their top myspace friends. Marv.
Gavin Mikhail has released his fab album Like Normal People Do in Japan and you can purchase from trolley bus records here (works out at about $19 with p&p). You can also check out one of the bonus tracks - Not Enough (acoustic) at his myspace site right now! A review of that track is coming tomorrow...
Well, my my my! You turn your back for a week and Jordan has left the group and now Digital is a five piece with a completely new look. Still totally worthy of being in my 11 in 07, welcome Charlie, Jon and Josh to thezapping and head on over to their site to check out reworked versions of Boys and Girls and San Frandisco. Plus I have it on good authority from the lovely Baz that a new track is heading to myspace... If it's up for tomorrow, i'll review it then!
. .
And bugger me with a banana, my lovely Bliss girls have gone and had a saucy new make over too! And most glam they look too. I'm loving the logo and the simplicity of the shot and oh boy they all have great legs! Not to sound too gay but Brittany's hair looks aces ;) They are still working on their new track Resist, which I hear sounds fantastic. Can't wait to hear it. Check out their myspace for more great pics...
Beyond have also had a sexy new makeover in what looks to be their most successful photoshoot to date. The girls look suitably sultry and sexy with major popstar pouting going on while the boys don't half scrub up well - Kevin has a great t shirt on and clearly hasn't over done his subtle wrist accessory, while Andy's hair looks v. pop idol and i'm envious of his green jacket - i tried on one similar today and i looked very mutton. So all in all a great shot! Thanks to Wayne for forwarding me a HQ image...
Best of the rest ~ I'm still dying to do a review of a couple of Simon Curtis tracks but haven't heard back yet! I heard from Stephan from Billiam this week and they have a great cover version coming out soon and an 80s inspired track that i know I am going to die for - that's all i can say about that now!

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11 to watch in 2007 update #2

THE 11 IN 2007 UPDATE #2:

Switch 22 ~ the superheroes of pop (along with the excellent Jean) are performing at Revue Bar (formally too 2 much) Soho London UK!! on the 20th Feb.... I am so there and fully expect to get a free drink after ;) (Just kidding!)
Conor ~ has a gorgeous new song on his myspace site called Heart of Stone (check out my review of it here). Exciting news is in the offing and we hope to bring it to you soon :)

Digital ~ will be doing a regular blog for exciting new site, Lost In Limbo, which I hope to be a part of :) Plus an all new look is to be revealed soon...
Both Beyond and Billiam are finishing off photoshoots and new music at the present and i can't wait to see their new looks :)
Simon Curtis ~ I had two brilliant tracks from Simon that i really want to write about, but i need to check with him first that it's ok! Plus he is putting together all his stuff to start label shopping at the end of this month. Very exciting indeed :)

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